9ers crack top 10 with Jimmy Garoppolo

I am not one of those who can’t admit being wrong. So here it goes: I think I might have been wrong about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

9ers crack top 10 with Jimmy Garoppolo

Notice the word might. The reason it’s there is because even after his amazing six-touchdown performance Sunday to rally the Dolphins from 21 points down in the fourth quarter to beat the Baltimore Ravens 42-38, it’s just one game.

It certainly was a special performance, throwing for 469 yards and those six scores, but doing it against a Ravens defense that was abysmal helped. Having said all that, Tagovailoa was impressive. He picked out the open guys, made timely throws, seemed calm and cool in doing so and had the look of a passer who might just have had his moment that will allow his career to take off.

But here’s the other side of it: let’s see him do it again this week against the Buffalo Bills. That doesn’t mean throwing for 400 and six scores, but if he can go for 300 and two and win the game, now we’re on to something.

One game won’t change a narrative. But it helps. In a big way.

Tagovailoa did that Sunday. In doing so, he has his team at 2-0 as the Dolphins ready for that monster game this week with Josh Allen and the Bills. The Dolphins are up to No. 8 in my Power Rankings, seven spots behind the top-rated Bills.

Allen was once like Tua, trying to prove his worth. There were many who doubted whether Allen could become a legitimate NFL starter, let alone a star. A lot of those skeptics have never admitted they were wrong.

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