Now everyone wants a new-school offensive-minded whiz kid

This year’s crop of rookie NFL coaches share some overriding similarities — which might be correlated to their unusual performance in Week 1, when the group bucked history to go 4-1.

(The other team to hire a new head coach, the Bears, brought in former Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus to replace offensive-minded Matt Nagy, a departure in background if not in personality).

“Those owners were all shopping for the same thing,” said one individual who discussed coaching choices and potential hires with multiple owners during the process but was not at liberty to discuss those talks publicly.

“It’s not a coincidence at all. It’s the truth. And the personality was a major factor.”

It seems like no coincidence that Kevin O’Connell replaced surly Mike Zimmer in Minnesota; that Brian Daboll was deemed the right man to replace polarizing Joe Judge in New York; that it’s Mike McDaniel in for notoriously headstrong Brian Flores in Miami; and that Nathaniel Hackett, though immediately beleaguered, is now coaching Denver with curmudgeon Vic Fangio gone.

All four franchises settled on a progressive, player-friendly, decidedly new-school offensive-minded youngster to replace either an aging longtime defensive coordinator (Zimmer and Fangio) or a Bill Belichick disciple (Judge and Flores), all of whom had reputations for hotheadedness, confrontation and micromanaging.

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