Patriots bounce back vs Steelers Packers roll Bears

NFL Week 2 is almost always an impossible endeavor because we have to take priors we had coming into the season, watch them go up in flames during Week 1 and also try not to overreact to what we saw in the first week when making selections for the second stanza of the season.

Patriots bounce back vs Steelers Packers roll Bears

There was chaos everywhere last week, with a multitude of significant favorites losing (and singlehandedly wiping out survivor leagues).

Now several of those teams are favored, and there are a few poorly performing teams who are double-digit favorites. The schedule- makers did us no favors with these second-week matchups because the point spreads are so inflated for teams who we can’t quite trust.

NFL Week 2 Picks
Chargers at Chiefs
Thursday, 8:20 p.m. ET
Stream: Amazon Prime
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It’s the first Thursday night game on Amazon Prime. Prepare yourself, because someone in your family (aunt, uncle, mom, dad, someone) will text you asking where the hell this game is being played.

Kindly explain to them: All the packages arriving at their house with free shipping entitles them to watch this game via a basic streaming service. The Chiefs looked AWESOME in Week 1 and the Chargers were quite nice as well.

This is the fourth meeting between Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert (Week 17 of 2020 Mahomes didn’t start because the division was clinched) and all three previous meetings have been decided by a game-winning score either in the final minute of regulation or overtime.

If you want to bet the total, take it live when one team is down two scores and has to start winging it around. I’m backing Mahomes here.

The Colts’ last win in Jacksonville was 2014. Indy was much better last week than the scoreboard showed, at least offensively, because Matt Ryan got dogged by some drops.

The Jaguars had multiple chances to win at Washington; they should treat this game like it’s their Super Bowl, a chance for Doug Pederson to flex on his old OC Frank Reich or vice versa.

The panic over Trevor Lawrence is weird to me — he missed throws on Sunday for sure. But if the Jags put enough around him, he’ll win. That’s a Jags problem, not a Trevor Lawrence problem. Jacksonville feels like a live dog here to me.

This opened Ravens -4 and has trended toward the Dolphins. TuAnon makes me scared to knock Miami, but two key plays for the Dolphins (strip sack by the goal line, the fourth-and-7 touchdown pass before half) completely flipped the Week 1 game against the Patriots.

Baltimore poses a much stiffer test and the Ravens looked explosive after a sluggish first-half start.

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